PubTips Round-Up

Twitter can be very time consuming  to keep up with so I give you, #PubTips Round-up.

#PubTips, for those not using Twitter, it is a hashtag (way to follow a conversation/discussion) and a great source of information for writers. Once you weed out the users who tweet,  “Oh, I died my hair blue today” and “I wish this cab would go faster” you can really learn a lot. If  your looking for people to chat with various topics, it’s great too, but I prefer to use it professionally. With that said, for me, some great new FRIENDships have come since joining. There are amazing people in the:

publishing biz:

@bredalot aka Breda Smith

@ChuckSambuchino aka Chuck Sambuchino


@ShellyPicarella aka Michelle A.Picarella

@kelcrocker aka Kellye Crocker

@RChazzChute aka Robert Chute

@tinatolerkeel aka Tina Toler-Keel

@kelseyketch aka Kelsey Ketch

@lakuehlke aka Laura Kuehlke

@ShoshannaEvers aka Shoshanna Evers

@ecmyers aka E.C. Myers

@CherylRWrites aka Cheryl Reifsnyder

@RavenRequiem13 aka Phillip Creighton

@Saint_Upid aka Chad Thomas Johnston

@nicolewolverton aka Nicole Wolverton

literary agents:

@louisefury aka Louise Fury

@johnmcusick aka John M Cusick

@LucyACarson aka Lucy Carson

@EvanJGregory aka Evan Gregory

@d4eo aka Bob Diforio

@wmclarkassoc aka William Clark

@ginapanettieri aka Gina Panettieri

@McVeighAgency aka The McVeigh Agency

@breeogden aka Bree Ogden


@martyhalpern aka Marty Halpern

@sarahshum aka Sarah Shumway Liu

@lindseyfaber aka Lindsey Faber

@NRP_Submissions aka Julia Daniels

@Mitch_Hoffman aka Mitch Hoffman

@slushpilehorror aka Anon Editors

and publishers:

@TyrusBooks aka Tyrus Books

@SimonBooks aka Simon&Schuster Books

who are willing to give expert advice and they do so everyday on Twitter.

Since I know many do not follow Twitter I thought I’d give you a round-up of the most recent writing/publishing tips mentioned. If, by chance you decide to give Twitter a go, please send me an email so we can follow one another, I’m @I_am_Writing. Remember, you don’t have to tweet, just pop in every once in a while to check in. You never know what you’ll find.

(The @ symbol and the name that follows is the person who posted the tip or aka Tweeted the tip)

@onyxhawke: Note to writers “never been done” is the death knell for any and all credibility you have for any fiction

@editrixanica: When your teen characters love music that you loved as a teen, they don’t seem retro-cool. They seem written by an old person. Sorry

@ArtemusDark: Write because it’s a part of you, not because you think there’s big $$$ in it.

@ArtemusDark The arts are heartbreaking because, curiously, suffering is what hones talent.

@ArtemusDark There are no hidden secrets to becoming a masterful writer; only reading and writing itself will make you one.

@andrewkarre: Accept all your tracked changes and hide all the comments before submitting a new manuscript.

@tor_intheory …one should never think there is an easy road to representation.

@andrewkarre: Accept all your tracked changes and hide all the comments before submitting a new manuscript. (Agents too!)

@URBookIsURHook Have you purchased the #domain names for your next #book? What are you waiting for??!!
@tor_intheory aka Victoria Marini – Don’t query me for a novel that my boss didn’t take on. I may have more time than her, but I want to build a different list.
@tor_intheory Neo-Agents are eager, hard working, and responsive, but it doesn’t mean we’ll take on projects that senior agents have turned down.
@JLDelbourgo aka Joelle Delbourgo – Choose 1 aspect of your novel to work on today in 1 chapter. Dialogue: Does it sound real? Is there enough? Too little? Repartee?
@DocumentDriven aka Janice Hussein – Copyediting tip–Between/ Among: Use Between when there are Two things or people; otherwise, use Among for more than two.
@TaherehMafi aka Tahereh Mafi – a good query letter is like a Venus Flytrap: alluring! intriguing! captivating enough to keep u from realizing u’ve just been eaten.
greyhausagency when sending a query, you have to tell me something about the book beyond the title, genre and word count.
@CherylRWrites aka Cheryl Reifsnyder – Spend energy on writing, not defending~
@BostonBookGirl aka Lauren E. MacLeod – Think before you type. If you write back to a rejection that agents hate writers I’m going to block you forever. Is that worth it?
@Theresa_Meyers aka Theresa Meyers – This is why the rights clauses in writing contracts R so critical! Author of Vampire Diaries series fired.
And last, but not least, just because it’s funny…
@annagrace2009 aka Anna Grace – Had email today w/ a note to watch out for author who consistently spells his name wrong in his chapter. Learn to spell your name.
Also, here’s a link to one author’s thoughts on Should You Tweet
Have a great weekend everybody!
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p.s. To answer your question, Twitter did not pay me to do this post, hehe. 😀
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A love letter

I came across this love letter and had to share it with everyone. It was written at Brandon Station, Nov. 1, 1863, during the civil war. Enjoy!

My dear Mollie
I rcd a letter today from a very handsome lady to play cupid. Although not accompanied by her likeness yet her image was so indelibly impressed upon my mind that the likeness itself could not recall the features more vividly than they are impressed. I first met her in a village in Western Va when I was about 17 years old and she 8. I afterwards saw her frequently and occasionally was in her company, and nonwithstanding the disparity of our ages, I became so favorably impressed with her fair face and gentle manners that I frequently said to myself that I wished she was older or I younger.

In 3 to 4 years she had grown so much that the disparity in age seemed to grow less. Never did a lady witness the budding of a flower with more requisite pleasure than did I the budding of that pretty little girl into womanhood. She made much of my thoughts while in Mexico and more upon my return home. While at the University of Va., I not infrequently found my thoughts wandering from the dry textbook to contemplate by the aid of memory the features and form of this little girl.

After I completed my studies, I traveled in the west and expected to find a home in some western state, but not finding a place to suit me, together with the persuasions of that fair face, induced me to return.

I entered, as you know, actively into the pursuit of my profession with the determination to make at least a fair reputation and tried to withdraw my thought from everything else, but I found this little fairy constantly and pleasantly intruding into all my plans, whether of pleasure or interest. At this period she met me politely and respectfully but seemed to grow more distant, coy & reserved, so that I frequently thought that even the ordinary attentions of common politeness & courtesy were no special source of pleasure to her.

In a few instances when she has arrived at about the age of 15 this shyness and reserve seemed to be forgotten, and I would pass an hour or two in the enjoyment of her company with great pleasure to myself and I imagined with at least satisfaction, if not enjoyment, to her. I began to think that my happiness was identified with hers. I began to pay her special visits or at least seek opportunities by which I might be in her company. I sought her society on pleasure rides and thought it not a hardship to ride 65 miles in 24 hours if part of the time might be spent with her. She always exhibited or observed the decorum of modest reserve which might be construed into neither encouragement nor discouragement.

After the delibertation & reflection which I thought due to a matter which involved my happiness for life, I felt that her destiny and mine were probably intended to be united, and that all the adverse counsel which I could give myself could bring no objections. I felt that I ought both as a matter of duty and happiness give my whole life to her, who for 9 years had my attention and devotion, though concealed love.

After a few little billets and interviews, and with a full declaration of the love I desired to bestow, I received a measured and loving response and was made most happy in the anticipation of the celebration of the nuptials fixed at some 6 months hence. This time glided nicely & happily, though not too rapidly, away from me. The hours of leisure were spent with her and my visits were always welcomed with that cordial welcome, that maiden modesty, so much to be admired. Tis true that on one occasion she did rest her elbow upon my knee and look with confidential pleasure in my face and made me realize that indeed I had her whole heart.

Suffice it to say, the happy day of our marriage arrived and since then, hours, days, and years of time, confidence & happiness passed rapidly away, and only to make us feel that happy as were the hours of youthful days, they compare not with those of later years and perhaps even these may not be equal to that which is in reserve for us.

I dont know how much pleasure it affords you to go over these days of the past, but to me they will ever be remembered as days of felicity. And how happy the thought that years increase the affection & esteem we have for each other to love & be loved. May it ever be so, and may I ever be a husband worthy of your warmest affections. May I make you happy and in so doing be made happy in return. A sweet kiss and embrace to your greeting.

But maybe you will say it looks ridiculous to see a man getting grayhaired to be writing love letters, so I will use the remnant of my paper otherwise…
Yours affectionately H Black

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