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#YALITCHAT, What is it?

Occasionally there are open forums held on Twitter. If you’ve yet to join Twitter you should consider it.
Agents were on hand to answer questions. Below is a round-up of a recent forum on YA writing/publishing. I hope your able to find something useful here.

Random comments/suggestions made during the forum:

-critique groups (the right ones) are priceless. I made the plunge and have a much better product as a result

-CPs are also good for venting your frustration with rejections (privately), and helping you see things objectively

-Rejection is part of the journey. Dejection is a choice

-I can’t see why anyone would publish their rejections. It just makes the aspiring writer look like a douche.

-Don’t start your query with an amorphous soliloquy about why you want to be a writer. Start with a great one-two sentence hook.

-Have a CONCEPT and then a plot to expand that concept.

-Don’t send flour with query

-When people follow up after rejections (“BUT WHYYY?!”) I admit have to hold myself back from being insulting. Not easy

-An agent’s entire job is done on spec. We put the time in to our clients and hope to make $.

-don’t send cash with your query

-I do not know what I would do w/out the fellow writers I’ve “met” on twitter

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