PubTips Round-Up

Twitter can be very time consuming  to keep up with so I give you, #PubTips Round-up.

#PubTips, for those not using Twitter, it is a hashtag (way to follow a conversation/discussion) and a great source of information for writers. Once you weed out the users who tweet,  “Oh, I died my hair blue today” and “I wish this cab would go faster” you can really learn a lot. If  your looking for people to chat with various topics, it’s great too, but I prefer to use it professionally. With that said, for me, some great new FRIENDships have come since joining. There are amazing people in the:

publishing biz:

@bredalot aka Breda Smith

@ChuckSambuchino aka Chuck Sambuchino


@ShellyPicarella aka Michelle A.Picarella

@kelcrocker aka Kellye Crocker

@RChazzChute aka Robert Chute

@tinatolerkeel aka Tina Toler-Keel

@kelseyketch aka Kelsey Ketch

@lakuehlke aka Laura Kuehlke

@ShoshannaEvers aka Shoshanna Evers

@ecmyers aka E.C. Myers

@CherylRWrites aka Cheryl Reifsnyder

@RavenRequiem13 aka Phillip Creighton

@Saint_Upid aka Chad Thomas Johnston

@nicolewolverton aka Nicole Wolverton

literary agents:

@louisefury aka Louise Fury

@johnmcusick aka John M Cusick

@LucyACarson aka Lucy Carson

@EvanJGregory aka Evan Gregory

@d4eo aka Bob Diforio

@wmclarkassoc aka William Clark

@ginapanettieri aka Gina Panettieri

@McVeighAgency aka The McVeigh Agency

@breeogden aka Bree Ogden


@martyhalpern aka Marty Halpern

@sarahshum aka Sarah Shumway Liu

@lindseyfaber aka Lindsey Faber

@NRP_Submissions aka Julia Daniels

@Mitch_Hoffman aka Mitch Hoffman

@slushpilehorror aka Anon Editors

and publishers:

@TyrusBooks aka Tyrus Books

@SimonBooks aka Simon&Schuster Books

who are willing to give expert advice and they do so everyday on Twitter.

Since I know many do not follow Twitter I thought I’d give you a round-up of the most recent writing/publishing tips mentioned. If, by chance you decide to give Twitter a go, please send me an email so we can follow one another, I’m @I_am_Writing. Remember, you don’t have to tweet, just pop in every once in a while to check in. You never know what you’ll find.

(The @ symbol and the name that follows is the person who posted the tip or aka Tweeted the tip)

@onyxhawke: Note to writers “never been done” is the death knell for any and all credibility you have for any fiction

@editrixanica: When your teen characters love music that you loved as a teen, they don’t seem retro-cool. They seem written by an old person. Sorry

@ArtemusDark: Write because it’s a part of you, not because you think there’s big $$$ in it.

@ArtemusDark The arts are heartbreaking because, curiously, suffering is what hones talent.

@ArtemusDark There are no hidden secrets to becoming a masterful writer; only reading and writing itself will make you one.

@andrewkarre: Accept all your tracked changes and hide all the comments before submitting a new manuscript.

@tor_intheory …one should never think there is an easy road to representation.

@andrewkarre: Accept all your tracked changes and hide all the comments before submitting a new manuscript. (Agents too!)

@URBookIsURHook Have you purchased the #domain names for your next #book? What are you waiting for??!!
@tor_intheory aka Victoria Marini – Don’t query me for a novel that my boss didn’t take on. I may have more time than her, but I want to build a different list.
@tor_intheory Neo-Agents are eager, hard working, and responsive, but it doesn’t mean we’ll take on projects that senior agents have turned down.
@JLDelbourgo aka Joelle Delbourgo – Choose 1 aspect of your novel to work on today in 1 chapter. Dialogue: Does it sound real? Is there enough? Too little? Repartee?
@DocumentDriven aka Janice Hussein – Copyediting tip–Between/ Among: Use Between when there are Two things or people; otherwise, use Among for more than two.
@TaherehMafi aka Tahereh Mafi – a good query letter is like a Venus Flytrap: alluring! intriguing! captivating enough to keep u from realizing u’ve just been eaten.
greyhausagency when sending a query, you have to tell me something about the book beyond the title, genre and word count.
@CherylRWrites aka Cheryl Reifsnyder – Spend energy on writing, not defending~
@BostonBookGirl aka Lauren E. MacLeod – Think before you type. If you write back to a rejection that agents hate writers I’m going to block you forever. Is that worth it?
@Theresa_Meyers aka Theresa Meyers – This is why the rights clauses in writing contracts R so critical! Author of Vampire Diaries series fired.
And last, but not least, just because it’s funny…
@annagrace2009 aka Anna Grace – Had email today w/ a note to watch out for author who consistently spells his name wrong in his chapter. Learn to spell your name.
Also, here’s a link to one author’s thoughts on Should You Tweet
Have a great weekend everybody!
Contact me: iamwriting (at) oh(dot)rr(com)
p.s. To answer your question, Twitter did not pay me to do this post, hehe. 😀
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! If anyone has any questions about Twitter, they can contact me as well ( @JamiGold , aka I might be a Twitter addict).

    • Thanks so much for your comment and offer Jami. Have a great weekend!

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