When submitting your query…

Thought I’d pass on a little to my readers. This post is along the same lines of  ‘Agent Pet Peeves’. This is information that can help us all when writing query letters. These comes from blog posts, Twitter tweets, etc. I hope they help you.
Don’t include chapter count.
Be careful on who you compare yourself with.

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Words of the Day

I subscribe to several word of the days so you don’t have to. Here are todays, Words of the Day. Try to use them in your writing. Be sure to visit my other helpful pages for writers; Literary Lingo and Writing Picture Prompts!

1 : having a loud reverberating sound  
2 : having an expressive and especially plaintive quality
harsh or discordant sound : dissonance; specifically : harshness in the sound of words or phrases

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Writing Picture Prompt

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Literary Lingo

It’s time for some Literary Lingo.

Today’s word is:  Allegory

A figurative work in which a surface narrative carries a secondary, symbolic or metaphorical meaning. In The Faerie Queene, for example, Red Cross Knight is a heroic knight in the literal narrative, but also a figure representing Everyman in the Christian journey.  Many works contain allegories or are allegorical in part, but not many are entirely allegorical.

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