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Words of the Day

I subscribe to several word of the days so you don’t have to. Here are todays, Words of the Day. Try to use them in your writing. Be sure to visit my other helpful pages for writers; Literary Lingo and Writing Picture Prompts!

golden parachute
 a generous severance agreement for a corporate executive in the event of a sudden dismissal (as because of a merger)
temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement between the opponents : truce

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Literary Lingo

It’s time for some Literary Lingo.

Today’s word is: Mythological criticism

An approach to literature that seeks to identify what in a work creates deep universal responses in readers, by paying close attention to the hopes, fears, and expectations of entire cultures. Mythological critics (sometimes called archetypal critics) look for underlying, recurrent patterns in literature that reveal universal meanings and basic human experiences for readers regardless of when and where they live. These critics attempt to explain how archetypes (the characters, images, and themes that symbolically embody universal meanings and experiences) are embodied in literary works in order to make larger connections that explain a particular work’s lasting appeal. Mythological critics may specialize in areas such as classical literature, philology, anthropology, psychology, and cultural history, but they all emphasize the assumptions and values of various cultures.

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